At Chicane, we pride ourselves on our thorough knowledge of the Aston Martin marque and our ability to work on the classic models right through to the modern supercars. Whichever Aston you own, or wish to own, we can help you to maintain your vehicle to original factory specification or improve upon it with subtle upgrades and additions developed in-house.

Classic Era

At Chicane we have the knowledge and experience to restore, enhance, repair and service your classic Aston Martin. We can provide you with support for all Classic era models ranging from DB4 right through to V600. Chicane has always specialised in classic Aston Martin models and continues to maintain and enhance their reliability and drivability.

Modern Era

Our Aston Martin factory-trained specialists are also well versed in the particular requirements of modern era Aston Martins. Further to our Classic era pedigree, we have the knowledge and ability to enhance, repair and service your modern Aston Martin, whether it be a DB7, Vanquish, DB9, V8 Vantage, Cygnet, Virage, DBS or One-77.


Meeting the needs of Classic   &  Modern Aston Martin owners


What we do


Everything you could possibly need for your Aston Martin




Chicane’s growing team represents some of the most knowledgeable and upcoming talent in the trade. Experienced in top international racing scenes and award winning restorations, Chicane’s attention to detail and expertise is surpassed only by its friendly, customer-oriented environment


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